Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPS)

  • Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPS)

EPS, also known as Beadboard, is a rigid plastic foam with a closed cell structure. This makes it an excellent, low cost, foam in place packaging material for applications requiring: insulation; low weight; protection.

Expanded Polyethylene Foam consists of tiny closed air cells which absorb impact shocks while holding the packaged product in postition. It is available in a wide range of densities to suit your needs. Typical shapes before fabrication inslude plands, sheets, rounds, tubing , and ovals.

Fabricated EPS is easily fabricated from sheet stock by hot wire cutting, die cutting and heat stamping.  This material is superior for inner packaging for low quantity runs. 

Molded EPS can be used cost-effectively for complete protective containers, displays, cushioning inserts, single-use disposable items and structural components. EPS can be molded to protect items with simple or complex shapes in an attractive, snug-fitting foam packaging system.

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