Kino Packaging

Kino Packaging is a distributor located within Tucson Container's 150,000 sq.ft. facility.  From bubble wrap and tape to poly bags and stock boxes and everything in between.

As a distributor with large automated warehouses and on time logistics, we owe our resiliency to high product turnover, affordability, and popularity of commodity or brand products.  “One of the fun things about packaging distribution is that expectations change every year.  There are always new innovations and trends”. 

Independent distributors like Kino Packaging sell themselves as a new kind of supplier – providers of a constant flow of appropriate goods and services in appropriate quantities, at the lowest cost-effective prices – not an extension of a large corporation or speciality house.

Kino Packaging now sees itself more in terms of a value-added service provider - an inventory specialist.  Buying and selling commodities are still deciding factors, but for the real pros, reliability and delivery rule the day.  Indeed, our distribution is a tool to provide packaging solutions.

To position your product, Kino Packaging implements faster delivery times, higher inventory turnover, and cost controls.  These goals are the forefront of entrepreneurial distributors’ minds.  Move it or use it” is today’s mantra.  Ultimately, success shifts away from tactical buyers requirements toward a strategic (long term) sourcing and relationships. 

Let us help you on your journey with a quote specifically for your industrial packaging supplies. 

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