Operating out of southern California, the CalBox Group is part of our family of companies. This partnership helps us get you the box you need when you need it.


Calbox Group

Whatever you can imagine,
      when packaging matters,
Arizona Corrugated
      can find the solution.

ACC Products

ACC Printing & Die Cutting


  • POP Displays, floor & shelf
  • Stock Boxes
  • Custom boxes, all sizes materials and styles
  • Boxes, all sizes glued, taped or stitched
  • Auto lock bottom or snap lock boxes
  • Mailers of all types
  • Foam & Crate Fabrication
  • Partitions, Pads, Inner Packaging Forms
  • Tubes, Bins, Trays, Storage Files, Folders and Mailers
  • Fulfillment (Assembly)
  • Essential Packaging Supplies
  • Printing up to 5-colors
  • Laser made printing and cutting dies
  • Print Registration ± 1/32 inch
  • Fingerprint all presses to determine print capability
  • Maintain print consistency, crucial to brand integrity
  • Printing with no crush flutes using vacuum transfer and computerized caliper settings
  • Digital Printing
  • Expert trapping, screening, and plate proofing
  • Soy or water based GCMI and PMS flexo inks mixed in house, in our ink kitchens
  • Durable high gloss coatings
  • Full or spot litho laminated boxes & Displays
  • Sales/Service Agents for quick assistance and quotes
  • High end graphic design
  • Customized structural in-house design solutions
  • Unboxing videos for displays
  • Easy to communicate
  • Assembly Consultant
  • R&A (returns and allowances) less than 1/4 of 1%
  • Benchmark service expertise
  • Own fleet of trucks for Reliable On Time Logistics
  • Quality Certified (ISO) 9001 and AIB
  • Three warehouses in Mexico


In-House Corrugators

Cal Box Group

The Customer Care portal is your on-line dashboard:
  • Status of A/R Aging
  • Track order status 24/7
  • Real time delivery tracking
  • Bar code inventory & History
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Two state-of-the-art corrugators provide more control of quality production and lowers the cost of containerboard used to make boxes
  • Strategically located corrugators – one in Southern California and one in Arizona – we can create and deliver flat quality corrugated sheets in less than one day
  • All dimensional influences are computer controlled, from scheduling to materials, tooling, labor, adhesive, machinery, operations, and logistics
  • Roll stock purchased from top global paper mills, reduces quality and cost pressures
  • In business since 1978
  • ISO 9001-2018 Certified evidence of our high quality standards and corrective action
  • Employing over 400 people
  • Five box plants in the Southwest positioned along the U.S./Mexican border
  • CalBox Group owns over 700,000 sq.ft. of modern buildings and warehouses
  • Each facility is supported by the latest technology and advanced equipment
  • Specializing in short and medium sized orders An average order is 1,100 boxes (10,000 sq.ft.) with $200 minimum, free local delivery included
  CalBox Group
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