Our corrugated cardboard boxes provide practical, versatile, economical, renewable & recyclable packaging solutions to meet any container requirement.

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is practical,

So tear into them and see glued - uncrushed - flute profiles for extra box strength!


ACC Corrugated Boxes are stronger, lighter, and can even be water resistant.

Our enhanced combinations of containerboard grades and flute profiles, combined with the latest production technology, offer unlimited possibilities in design, quality and box strength.

Quality Flutes
make Superior Boxes


STACKING Importance of Stacking Strength

In many applications, stacking strength has become a more important factor than burst strength, as unitized carrier loading and warehousing have proliferated. A drive along any commercial corridor shows why. Major retailers, grocery chains, Amazon, and suppliers that serve them rely on central distribution warehouses for efficient inventory and delivery of goods. These warehouses make the most efficient use of space through vertical stacking of product, so stacking strength is an increasingly important performance requirement. bigstock-Boxes-1222233