Choosing the Best Box & Display Suppliers

Finding the right box supplier is a little like shopping for a new car – there are dozens of makes and models from which to choose.  With literally dozens of box shops ready and willing to promise you anything, keep in mind, that no two box shops  are exactly alike: their capacities and capabilities can vary greatly. Selecting the best vendor for your project depends on  a number of key parameters.

The Choice

The choice of a box maker/printer depends on the characteristics of size and style of the piece to be printed, the material required, the quantity, plant location, track record and your budget (think Yugo vs. Lexus). The purpose and complexity of the job will often guide quality and cost considerations. 

So, it may be better to find a supplier like ACC with all the in-house capabilities you need, instead of moving the custom job from shop to shop, losing control of quality and accountability.
  • We choose suppliers by their niche (strength) and reputation.

Pricing & Value

Every sale requires a choice between value and price. When requesting a price estimate, a detailed job specification sheet provides a basis for comparing services and prices for the order or a small trial run.
  • At times, we ask to approve a sample before proceeding. It becomes part of the order.
  • ACC specifies in detail what is to be bid, including dies or tooling. This allows apples-to-apples bid comparisons.

A Buyer Should:

  • Have a comprehensive specifications sheet, for value added items, organized to include every service and job detail.
  • Consider low cost substitutions of paper or ink, without significantly affecting pre-press print quality, to reduce prices.
  • Ask about quantity price breaks. Provide a quantity for the expected amount required, then ask for the next lowest price for additional quantities with one delivery.
  • Expect On Time – with Quality – No Excuses (Our Mission).
  • Know that commodity pricing does not apply to custom made boxes. Arizona Corrugated value added creates more profit for all.
  • Never forget there are more costs when using a box than just its purchase price.
  • Be concerned with perceived value and not so much with a price.
We cordially invite you to visit ACC and let us help design the packaging solution for your next project. How to get started? We need details, such as:
  • Is this a new, old or a current design ?
  • What are the problems with the old design?
  • Blank size?
  • Quantity?
  • Weight of the product?
  • What is the printing layout?
  • Will it be litho-laminated?
  • Glued, taped or stitched?
  • Inside or out?
  • What style of box or display?
  • What flute specification?
  • Special die cutting?
  • What materials?
  • Will it need testing?
  • Do you need a sample or a 3D drawing?
Samples need to be customer approved before production.
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