Kino Foam Division

Depend on Kino Foam & Crating for the right package.

Customer requirements come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why KINO’s Foam & Crating custom-engineers can create the appropriate solution for your needs. Heavy-duty packaging is engineered to meet and exceed your specifications. Products range from  wood crates to inner packaging to corrugated pads or sheets, cushioned foam or with plywood to complete the container. KINO also produces heat treated pallets for export.

Kino Foam Division is located within Tucson Container, a 150,000 sq. ft. building on 18 acres at the Tucson airport. Kino Foam specializes in design and manufacturing in all types of foam material, die-cutting, assembly, foam in a box, etc. We have three to four deliveries to and from Tucson to Phoenix every day.

Foam is light and cost effective alternative for inner packaging. Thousands of cushioning air cells protect against shock and abrasion damage during storage and shipping. Foams are non-dusting, odor-free and moisture resistant. We also can provide shipper with static dissipative polyethylene foam.

ACC can quote all different grades and densities of foam for any of your custom foam requirements. We balance attention to detail with getting the job done. Our Kino division’s motto, “Integrity in Packaging.”

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