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If it has to do with Industrial Packaging – We have it. 

Packaging involves more than new product development. It includes protecting that product to safely reach its destination –with Fast Service, Cost Effective Total Price and Trust.

One Stop for Boxes, Tape, Mailers and –

The industrial packaging you need, is in our stock or readily available for prompt shipment in Arizona, Mexico and West Texas. Why not combine KINO packaging supplies with a corrugated box order to reduce cost?

Kino Packaging

Kino Packaging is an ACC distributor. It is located in Tucson to supply our best solutions for your packaging requirements.

As a distributor with large specialty warehouses and dependable logistics, we owe our resiliency to relationships, trust and performance. Ultimately, success shifts away from tactical buyers requirements toward a strategic (long term) sourcing.

Rather than represent ourselves as extensions of large distributors, independent distributors like Kino Packaging, sell themselves as new kinds of suppliers – providers of a constant flow of appropriate goods and services in appropriate quantities, at the lowest, cost-effective prices. Contract assemblers along with third-party logistics (3PL).

We are a value-added service provider and inventory specialist. For the real pros, our distribution is their tool to quickly deliver packaging solutions to customers.

“Use it or move it” is our mantra.

From bubble wrap and tape to poly bags and stock boxes and everything in between – Let us help you on your journey with specifications and a quote.
  • Mailers - Corrugated, Literature, Bubble
  • Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes
  • Bin Boxes
  • Five Panel Folders (FPF)
  • Edge or Corner Board Protectors
  • Partitions & Pads (Sheets)
  • Roll End- or Side- Tuck Top Boxes (RETT)
  • Bulk Cargo Containers
  • File Boxes
  • Trays
  • Vary Depth Folders & Boxes

Note: Box styles - if not in stock - can be manufactured by us within 24 to 48 hours!

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